Monday, August 20, 2018

Follow up on dog reading 10 days post session

I'm thrilled to bits to say that the dog has improved enough that euthanasia has been taken off the table. If the psychic healing did some good along with the care she received at the shelter, it was a good deed, to be certain. <3 p="">Here is what the shelter worker told me today

She's doing great and is no longer in danger of being put to sleep. She does try to escape any enclosure we have her in. She is fine around me when I'm at work, but a little timid towards other workers except for one other, so only I and the other worker mess with her. She is getting better, just slowly. She's also been spayed, so her hormones have come way down and we were able to successfully separate her from her puppies, which I am fostering 🙂. I figured keeping them out of the shelter would keep them healthy so they're with me till they get adopted.

Psychic healing for stray female dog

Patty graciously offered to do a psychic healing for a mama dog at a shelter who was very close to being put down. I think the first time she let someone touch her was when the shelter worker took this photo at our request.
Heres the original post:

I work at a shelter and we got in a momma dog with 10 puppies the other day. The momma dog is practically feral and has tried to attack everyone that's been trying to care for her. Her having puppies just makes her responses even worse. This past weekend, however, I was able to pet her and pick her puppies up and everything. She didn't try to snap at me once. I took it real slow and made sure she knew what my next move was gonna be before I did it. The bad thing is that the director, who is also my boss, wants to put her to sleep because she's a liability risk and she doesn't think she will get any better. I have convinced my boss to let me foster her and her puppies and try to work with her before that decision is made. So basically , if I can't change her, she's gonna be put to sleep. So what I'm wondering is, what can I do to help gain her confidence and to change her fight or flight response to being more......well.....a domesticated dog. I want her to have a chance at a loving family one day so I want to do the best by her now. Any advice is welcomed!

So I suggested a psychic healing, and the girl gladly accepted.
 Here is what Patty said, working only from the photograph,
 "I first saw that her severe flight or fight condition has been caused not only by trauma, but is also a problem on a deeper level. This is not a literal description, but I can only describe it as a genetic overload, kind of a jumble or pile of genes that don't quite fit together. It's not the direct cause, but there is some additional stress due to this. Similar to epigenetics, where certain genes are dormant until activated by life experiences. I haven't encountered this before so its interesting...may be due to the invention of breeds by humans?

She is obviously an extremely sensitive and intelligent dog, and her eyes express her weariness and pain. She is fiercely protective of her puppies, and this was the "in" to her willingness to sincerely try to change. I explained that it was truly in her babies' best interest for her to become more calm and less hyper-vigilant. Her fear and alarm is affecting their basic foundation for how they will see the world. Her calmness will teach them to trust. She agreed, but insisted that she give them some lessons in being careful. I agreed this was ok as long as it was gentle and non-alarming, and reminded her that most living creatures naturally have self-protective instincts; it is the hyper-vigilance that is harmful.

Since she is not used to feelings of solid safety, it will be a new sensation, and will take some time, but she is willing to try her best. There are a few suggestions that came through as ways to help her become grounded:

1. If she doesn't already have one, a small crate for her would be good. Have it always available for her to be in.
2. Put something with a scent in the crate, she can then associate this scent with calmness. I keep thinking of camomile, but that may be something I would like! Not sure what she might like...
3. The spot between her eyes, third eye area, can be pressed slightly with your thumb, and massaged upward. This will have a calming affect.
4. This one seemed too far fetched and impractical, but it kept insisting so I am including it!
Basically, she would greatly benefit from a Companion Animal...I kept seeing a Cockatiel walking around near her and jumping up on her when she is laying down.. 

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Our new website is
Call 805 845-7118
Email at

Because I moved back to California, I felt the need to abide by regulations which prevent someone like *me* from using terms like "therapy" or "therapeutics" or "symptoms" because I do not have a medical or mental health degree.
Nevertheless, I am still a certified transpersonal hypnotherapist, and approved provider of Continuing Education credits, Reiki Master, etc.
I teach Reiki and offer Reiki sessions.

Stay tuned for exciting news of psychic adventures with Patty!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Biofield Techniques has moved to Santa Barbara CA!

We have relocated to beautiful Santa Barbara! We look forward to serving the local community with our unique Biofield Techniques. For information, please call 253 414-4296. Cheers!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Biofield Therapeutics Questionnaire

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help suffering persons identify possible root causes of physical, mental and emotional symptoms. 

Name ___________________________           Date of birth __________           Today’s date________


Please explain your current chief complaint or symptoms:


Have you received formal diagnoses of any kind?
Do you have a chronic physical pain or illness that won't go away, or that Doctors cannot seem to cure?

Have you ever been under general anesthesia?  What for? When?

Have you ever lost a child, born or unborn? If so, when?

Have you been told you have a hereditary disease?   What is it?


Do you suffer from anxiety or panic?

Have you been diagnosed with another psychiatric or mood disorder? Please explain.     

Do your moods change quickly for no apparent reason?

Do you have memory loss?
Do you have intrusive thoughts or feelings?
Do you ever feel that you are not alone?
Over time, have you developed addictions to food, alcohol, drugs or behaviors you didn't have before?

Have you ever used drink or drugs to the point of blackout (walking and talking, but not remembering a period of time)?

Have you ever used drink or drugs to the point of unconsciousness?  List dates the best you can.

Do you hear thoughts in your head that are not yours?
Do you see people or things that others cannot?  If so, please describe
Are you or have you ever felt suicidal?

History of Traumatic Experience

Have you been involved in loss-of-life events? When?
Has a loved one died, who had symptoms, personality changes, habits, addictions like yours?
Have you been a victim of a violent crime?
Do you see a cycle of victimization in your life?
Did you suffer physical, sexual or emotional abuse?            When?

Were you ever tortured physically, mentally or emotionally?       When?


Are you accident prone or clumsy? If yes, please explain
Do you sustain recurring injuries or symptoms in the same area of your body? (Ex: always bumping your head, always twisting your right ankle, always have a stomach ache, etc). Please explain.

Do people ever say that you did or said something, but you have no recollection of doing or saying it?

Has anyone ever said that you talk in your sleep?

Do you have insomnia?

Did you suddenly lose your attraction to your mate, or decide to change your sexual orientation?

Do you feel repulsed by people of the same or opposite sex?
Have you had a dramatic change in attitude or beliefs?
Have you ever engaged in self-destructive behavior – cutting your skin or hair, picking at your skin or face, battering yourself or other things?           When?


Did your mother ever lose a child that you know of?  If so, when?

Were you a twin, but the other baby didn’t survive?

Do you know anyone who has committed suicide?  If so, who and when?

Are any of your symptoms similar to those of a deceased family member or loved one?

Do you feel like someone has hexed you, or put a curse on you?


Have you ever toured or lived near or fought in a battlefield or place of extreme decimation of human life?

Do you experience paranormal activity in your home? Please explain.

Do you live near or spend time in a cemetery for any reason?

Do you live near a hospital, convalescent home, funeral home, church, etc?
Have you spent time in a hospital, prison, convalescent home, treatment center - for work, to visit, or other reasons? When?


Is there anything else you’d like me to know?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Teaching Reiki at Tacoma Community College

Dear Friends,
I am now teaching Reiki levels 1, 2, and Master at Tacoma Community College, Gig Harbor campus. Join us! Each class meets 2 hours per week, for 4 weeks, so you can get 8 hours of continuing education credits for each level. Additionally, I am approved by the California Board of Nursing to provide 10 Contact Hours credits for my class! I am an affiliate member of the International Center for Reiki Training, licensed and insured. Come on down!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Link to our meditation exercises on Myspace

here's a link to our Myspace music profile. Sacred Light Healing. It contains three tracks:
  1. The Grounding Exercise
  2. Lotus Flower Meditation
  3. Easter Meditation
These are from a meditation CD. Formerly  Sacred Presence Healing Ministry, Claim Your Space is dedicated to helping people break through limiting and painful patterning, and expand into Heart Centered Consciousness.

The Grounding Exercise is used before any healing session, whether it be a Reiki Treatment, a Spirit Clearing, or any other type of healing. It is profound in that it really puts you in an expanded state, allowing you to experience maximum benefits from your session. It's a great way to start your day, especially if you are empathic, an Indigo or psychically sensitive in any way. It gets you familiar with managing your Light Body, which will keep you in good health. If you are trying to develop your psychic skills, doing the grounding exercise first, really improves your sensitivity.

The Lotus Flower Meditation was given to us via Patty during one of our group meditation sessions in Santa Rosa, CA. It is a powerful process that enables you to saturate yourself in Light.

The Easter Meditation came via Kelly on Easter Sunday, 2005.

I hope you find these exercises helpful and effective. Many Blessings.